Office Cleaning

Forgetting about us is the best complement you can give us. And we pride ourselves on rarely hearing from our customers. Rivertown Janitorial provides a seamless cleaning service. We arrive after hours and follow detail orders provided to and overseen by our supervisors. You don’t have to worry about whether our cleaning professionals will show up. Our supervisors always make sure that the work is finished on time and to your (and our) expectations.

Rivertown Janitorial Services removes the hassle of office cleaning.

After reviewing your specific needs and preferences, we’ll come up with a program and schedule for regularly cleaning your office spaces, including break rooms, and restrooms. All at a reasonable cost.

What are the benefits of regular office cleaning?

    • Reduce or eliminate germs throughout the office
    • Reduce lost employee time due to illness
    • Impress visitors
    • Maintain a clean and valued working environment
    • Minimize, reduce or eliminate pest issues

Rivertown Janitorial does the cleaning so you can look your best.

Create a clean and healthy work environment for your workers and clients. Regular cleaning by Rivertown Janitorial Services will keep your workplace shinning.

Types of cleaning services Rivertown Janitorial provides:

    • Evening cleaning on a weekly or semi weekly basis
    • A regular maintenance schedule
    • Floor maintenance
    • Robust dusting
    • Restroom cleaning, sanitizing and resupplying
    • Kitchen/break room cleaning and resupplying
    • Partition/work area cleaning
    • Furniture cleaning and polishing
    • Thorough vacuuming
    • Trash and recycling removal
    • Mirror, glass an inside window cleaning


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