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Office and building sanitization. That’s key to keeping your workers and customers as healthy as possible. Germs can spread quickly when people interact with each other. Foul smells is often an indicator that your facility may need attention. Even though you can’t necessarily detect them, these pathogens can cause health problems. Germs can rapidly appear and spread in bathrooms, hospital and medical rooms as well as childcare facilities to name just a few places. Make your space safe from germs. The sanitizing services of Rivertown Janitorial has been keeping workers and customers safe through a variety of modern and up-to-date disinfecting methods since 2019.

Sanitizing Services Should Keep Things More Than Just Clean.

All of our professionals use tech-based equipment and powerful germicides to deliver a more thorough clean. We use hospital-grade germicides that are applied with electrostatic sprayers which have a long-lasting effect against viruses and bacteria than just common scrubbing and wiping. These modern sanitation treatments and methods add to the typical cleaning done to help remove the abundance of germs you can’t see.

We Use Green Sanitizing Products In Critical Areas.

Hospitals, medical facilities and childcare centers in particular are places that need special sanitation treatments. Medical facility visitors often have compromised immune systems. The same is true for infants and toddlers who attend childcare. Since those little ones learn by touching, grabbing, and putting things in their mouths, we have tailored our green and safe-product sanitizing services with them in mind. We also know the importance and care needed when sanitizing treatments are used around food.

Fresher Smelling Facilities Promote A Positive Image.

Rivertown Janitorial has been providing deep cleaning and sanitizing services since 2019. A fresh-smelling environment is a nice benefit of these treatments. Our professional crew applies our sanitation products in restrooms on toilets, sinks, hardware, and other fixtures preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria. No longer worry about lingering odors in your restrooms — or any other high-traffic areas. Your visitors (and employees) will appreciate it. Call us today to schedule a sanitizing service review.


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